The Victorinox Chocolate Knife – the Swiss Army Knife made out of chocolate


Our Victorinox Chocolate Knife, a finest premium Swiss milk chocolate filled with a tender melting hazelnut-gianduja, is a delicious indulgence. All above, it imitates the look and the functionality of the original Swiss Army Knife. Gysi AG Chocolatier Suisse is the only authorized manufacturer of the Victorinox Chocolate Knife – we own a worldwide license for the writing and the logo on the chocolate as well as on every kind of packaging material. Unique in taste the Victorinox Chocolate Knife is the perfect treat for oneself, a high point of a lunch and dinner invitation or memorable souvenir.

We offer different formats:


Single Knife

Sold in a display with 32 single pieces.

Single piece: 28g  
Traded unit: 0.896kg  



Single Knife in a single cardboard box

Single chocolate knife packed like the Original Swiss Army Knife in a small cardboard box - a must have for every check-out area and the perfect surprise in all kind of hampers. Also personalized available with e.g. an imprint of one's company's name.

Sold in SRP's with 30 or in brown outer cases with 100 single pieces.

Single piece:   28g
Traded unit 30pcs:   0.84kg
Traded unit 100pcs:   2.8kg



Acetate Giftpack (5pcs. each)

Sold in a shelf ready display with 20 or 12 boxes incl. 5 single pieces each.

Single piece:   28g
Single weigh 1x5:   140g
Traded unit 12x5:   1.68kg
Traded unit 20x5:   2.8kg


Tin Giftbox (6 pcs. each)

Sold in a shelf ready display with 8 boxes incl. 6 single pieces each.

Single piece:   28g    
Single Giftbox:   168g    
Traded unit:   1.344kg    



Festive Season Edition (6 pcs. each)

The Swiss chocolate classic in a beautiful cardboard box with festive design. A precious gift to treat the nearest and dearest with premium Swiss chocolate during the festive season.

Single piece:   28g
Single box:   168g
Traded unit:   1.0kg



POS - Display

Presents the Victorinox Chocolate Knife perfectly and guarantees the product due attention- differently equippable.