Quality and Certifications

We only use raw materials with of a high quality standard. Therefore, we entirely refuse the use of artificial colourings, preserving agents and genetically modified materials. We choose carefully our suppliers with whom we stay in direct contact and who are as well involved in our processes, according to strict guidelines regarding their environmental and social compatibility, sustainability and acquisition policies.


By periodical supplier-auditions we try to minimize risks and keep our guidelines guaranteed. Agreement on objectives and the constant progress of our suppliers help us maintain our high quality.


All our products are manufactured, with special care and dedication - depending on the product we may also produce in handcraft.


In order to obtain the best results, our confectioners as well as our quality-management-team survey each process of production. This way we create chocolate, which is distinctively strong in taste and tenderly melting in one’s mouth.


We are committed to food safety and therefore, all our products correspond to the Swiss Food Law. Through self-controls, we observe whether the legal restrictions are follow at any level of each process. Our main concerned lays on health and fraud protection and on the hygienically handling of food and commodities. In order to work as prescribed, we use our HACCP-concept, quality criteria and the warranty of complete retrace ability of all our products.


Every year, independent, acknowledged institutions control and confirm the company‘s high quality-standard. We are proud to represent the following certifications and standards:

-          BRC Grade A

-          ISO 9001:2008

-          ISO 14001:2004

-          Bio (Bio Suisse, EU Bio)

-          Fairtrade (FLO)

-          RSPO Segregated

           Check our progress at  www.rspo.org

-          UTZ

-          SMETA 4-Pillars audited


Furthermore, no products containing peanuts or traces thereof are processed in our company.


To ensure our employee’s safety, all aspects of workplace safety and health protection are followed and continuously improved at any stage of production and packaging.